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Undecided about your Major?

Academic transfer advisers can help you explore the majors offered at UHCL using the MyMajors assessment tool. MyMajors is a free tool offered by UHCL designed to match your strengths, aptitudes, and courses that you have taken with your best fit major at UHCL.

Selecting a major that fits your interests, your aptitude, and your career goals is vital to your academic success! If you're not quite sure which major at University of Houston-Clear Lake best fits with your interests, aptitude, and career goals then we recommend completing this short (15 minutes) MyMajors Quiz.

MyMajors can help you:

  • Identify a possible major for you if you are unsure of a career path
  • Reassure that your academic aptitude, interests and personality are suited for the major you have chosen
  • stay on track to graduate

After creating your profile and answering a few questions about your past academic performance, level of interest in those courses, and interest level with various hobbies it will display your ten best-fit majors here at University of Houston-Clear Lake. 

Our Transfer Advisers can help you further explore your MyMajors results and also explain how your transfer courses will apply toward your top majors.

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