Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) Resources for Students

Help Documentation

Helpful Hints and Fixes

  • Access LAT only through your Blackboard course using only Chrome or Firefox browsers. Blackboard integration to LAT is not supported on Safari, IE, or Edge. 
    • Using an unsupported browser will result in a timeout or session expired message. 
  • If you receive an LTI 1 error, please contact Watermark LAT support (below). 
    • Due to past licensing processes, some students may have a duplicate account in the system that needs to be disabled.
    • This error may also appear if you have recently changed your name with the university system, but have the same email address. 
  • For any login errors not identified above, please call Watermark LAT support (below).
    • The Planning and Assessment Office and UCT Support are unable to assist with account login issues. 
  • Not all courses are currently linked to LAT for assignment collection and assessment. Be sure to check with your course instructor to clarify which assignment(s), if any, need to be uploaded in LAT through the Blackboard course.
    • If there are no assignments in LAT for your course, you will see this message: 

      Currently there is  no Taskstream assignment available for this course. Please contact your course instructor if you know this to be incorrect.

  • When emailing the COE Planning and Assessment office for help with LAT, please include the course rubric, number, and section (e.g. ECED 1314 section 2) plus a screen shot of the error message or issue in LAT. 


      Please note that UCT support cannot assist with LAT problems. They do not have access to the system.

Contact Information

Technical Help

For technical support for LAT, including login, account, and missing uploaded, please contact Watermark Support:

Email: help@taskstream.com
Phone: 1-800-311-5656

Missing Course/Assignments

If your course or assignment is missing, please contact Michelle Lane, Director of College of Education's Planning and Assessment:

Email: lanem@uhcl.edu
Phone: 281-283-3602




  • College of Education Planning and Assessment

    Phone: 281-283-3602
    Email: lanem@uchl.edu

    Bayou Building 1237
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 188
    Houston, TX 77058-1002