Felix Simieou

Felix Simieou III, Ph.D.

Department Chair for Leadership and Policy Analysis and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3589
Email: simieou@uhcl.edu
Office: 1125-10

Areas of Expertise

  • Educational Leadership
  • School Community Relations
  • School and Classroom effects
  • Legal and Policy Issues
  • Program Evaluation


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  • Johnson, D., Jones, L., Simieou, F., Matthew, K., & Morgan, B. (in press). The relationship between grade configuration and standardized science test scores of fifth grade students: What school administrators should know. Journal of At-Risk Issues.
  • Simieou, F., Grigsby, B. L., Kajs, L. T., & Matthew, K. I. (2011). Legal issues and responsible practices regarding disability accommodations in postsecondary education. West's Education Law Reporter, 262(1), 9-15
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  • Decman, J., & Simieou, F. (2009). Review of selected dissertations addressing school public relations, administrator communication, and conflict resolution. Journal of School Public Relations, 29(4), 7-27
  • Simieou, F., & Grigsby B. (2008). Positive parenting participation in Title I schools: What's going on. Journal of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, 2(1), 5-14.

Courses (Current Academic Year)

  • ADSU 6233 Principalship
  • ADSU 6235 Administration of Special Programs
  • ADSU 6437 School Law
  • ADSU 6638 School Community Relations
  • ADSU 6739 Graduate Internship
  • EDLS 7130 Program Evaluation
  • EDLS 8939 Dissertation