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Innovative Teaching and Research


UHCL faculty excel in teaching. They create challenging learning opportunities, motivating all students to maximize their potential.

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UHCL faculty are involved in research that spans discovery, integration, and application.

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UHCL faculty are recognized for their hard work and dedication locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Faculty Spotlight Videos

Dr. Roberta Leal - Professor in Social Work

Dr. Roberta Leal and her family found themselves in dire need of social services during the economic downturn in the 1980s.

Watch Dr. Leal's video

Dr. Shreerekha Subramanian - Academics for Offenders

Dr. Shreerekha Subramanian believes that education should be an act of radical inclusion. 

Watch Dr. Subramanian's video

Dr. Karen Alexander - Professor in Nursing

Dr. Karen Alexander saw an urgent need for more educators to train the next generation of nursing professionals.

Watch Dr. Alexander's video

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