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Spotlight Researcher

The Spotlight Researcher highlights the exemplary scholarship of UHCL faculty as evidenced by research with experts in the field, current students, and the community at large. The work of the scholars spotlighted encompasses one or more of the following: 

  • Awards
  • Grants Awarded  
  • Collaborative Community Research
  • Distinguished Publication
  • Innovative Research
  • Patents
  • Impactful Research
  • Hot Topic Research
  • New Researcher on Campus

We are proud to present the following Spotlight Researchers exemplifying excellence in scholarship within each college at UHCL.

Dr. Antonio Corrales | College of Education

Dr. Antonio CorralesDr. Antonio Corrales is the coordinator of the Educational Leadership doctoral program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s College of Education. He has several years of experience in providing leadership support to various departments in a variety of school districts serving in administrative positions at the district and campus level. Antonio’s research focuses on school turnaround, developing leaders, and multicultural issues in education.

Selected Publications
  • Corrales, A. & Peters, M. (In-Press). Examining the relationship between school funding and academic achievement for charter schools. The Charter Schools Resource Journal.
  • Tingle, E., Corrales, A., & Peters, M. (2017). Leadership development programs: Investing in school principals. Educational Studies. Retrieved from National
  • Corrales, A. (2017). Factors impacting school closure and configuration, Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 20(4), 85-105.
  • Corrales, A. (2017). Not watching the fight: Examining the dynamics of school turnaround. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 20(3), 76-85.
  • Corrales, A., Schumacher, G., & Peters, M. (2017). Does money really matter? Investing in the future of Hispanic students. AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice, 13(4), 9-19.
  • Corrales, A. (2017). Aligning research based strategies to charter school turnaround plans. The Charter Schools Resource Journal, 11(1), 33-61.
  • Corrales, A. (2016). Undoing the damage: Repairing a broken school district. Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corp.
 Dr. Kewei Sha | College of Science and Engineering 

Kewei ShaDr. Kewei Sha is Associate Director of the Cyber Security Institute and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UHCL.

Selected Publications
  • Aseel Basheer and Kewei Sha “Cluster-based Quality-Aware Adaptive Data Compression for Streaming Data”, ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality (JDIQ), accepted.
  • Junzhao Du, Sicong Liu, Rui Li, Xue Yang, Hui Liu and Kewei Sha, “Energy-efficient Algorithm to Construct the Information Potential Field in WSNs”, IEEE Sensors Journal, 17(12), 3822 -3831, June 2017
  • Kewei Sha, Naif Alatrash and Zhiwei Wang, “A Secure Framework to Read Isolated Smart Grid Devices”, IEEE Transaction of Smart Grid, PP(99), 1-13, February, 2016
  • Shiwen Mao, Honggang Wang, Aaron Striegel, and Kewei Sha, “Editorial: Special Issue on Cognitive, Cellular, and Mobile Networks”, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Wireless Spectrum, 16(7): e1, January 2016.
Book & Book Chapters
  • Kewei Sha, Aaron Striegel and Min Song, “Advances in Computer Communications and Networks -- from green, mobile, pervasive networking to big data computing”, edited book, River Publisher, 2017
  • Kewei Sha, Aaron Striegel and Min Song, “Security, Privacy and Reliability in Computer Communication and Networks”, edited book, River Publisher, 2017
  • Wenjia Li, Kewei Sha and Sheral Zeadally, “Routing in Wireless Senor Network based Cyber- Physical Systems”, book chapter in Cyber-Physical System Design with Sensor Networking Technologies, March 2016 
Dr. Ivelina Pavlova-Stout | College of Business

Dr. Ivelina Pavlova-Stout

Dr. Ivelina Pavlova-Stout is an Associate Professor of Finance and holds the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. Her research is in the area of volatility and transmission of shocks between financial markets. Dr. Pavlova-Stout uses advanced econometric modeling techniques including dynamic conditional correlation, GARCH models, dynamic panel GMM, quantile regression to investigate the ways information and shocks originating in one financial market affect others. Much of her work focuses on the special effects of volatility spillover to emerging markets.

Dr. Pavlova-Stout has published multiple articles in highly rated journals such as the Journal of Futures Markets, Financial Review, Applied Economics, Journal of Fixed Income. She has won multiple best paper awards at conferences, with the latest award at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Global Finance Association for the paper “Equities and Commodities Comovements: Evidence from Emerging Markets”.

One of the most cited papers by Dr. Pavlova-Stout is “Examining the return–volatility relation for foreign exchange: evidence from the euro VIX” co-authored with R. Daigler and A.M. Hibbert and published in the Journal of Futures Markets in 2014. The paper has been cited in journals such as Emerging Markets Review, Journal of Futures Markets, and International Review of Financial Analysts.

Selected Publications
  • “Volatility transmission from commodity markets to sovereign CDS spreads in emerging and frontier countries.” With Bouri, E., de Boyrie, M. E (2017). International Review of Financial Analysis, 49, 155-165.
  • “Dynamic interdependence of sovereign credit default swaps in BRICS and MIST countries.” with de Boyrie, M. E.(2016). Applied Economics, 48(7), 563-575.
  • “Carry Trades and Sovereign CDS Spreads: Evidence from Asia‐Pacific Markets.” with de Boyrie, M. E.(2015). Journal of Futures Markets, 35(11), 1067-1087.
  • “Examining the return–volatility relation for foreign exchange: evidence from the euro VIX.” With Daigler, R. T., Hibbert, A. M. (2014) Journal of Futures Markets, 34(1), 74-92.
Dr. Desdamona Rios | College of Human Sciences and Humanities

Dr. Desdamona Rios Dr. Desdamona Rios is an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Dr. Rios’s research program involves participatory action research at a public charter school in Houston, Texas. The school Dr. Rios collaborates with has been developing a holistic approach to serving students who do not have basic needs met.  Dr. Rios and a team of undergraduate and master’s level students are compiling student demographic data to better understand successful student outcomes at the high school. She is developing a model based on the high school’s practices, highlighting successful student outcomes grounded in the collectivistic cultural values of the Latinx community. She has presented this research at national and local conferences, and future plans include publishing in professional journals as well as sharing this research with schools who wish to move away from a zero tolerance model of education and toward a model based on positive reinforcements.

Selected Publications
  • Eaton, A. & Rios, D. (2017). Social challenges faced by queer Hispanic college men: Navigating negative responses to coming out in a double-minority sample of emerging adults. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 23(4), 457-467.
  • Rios, D. & Eaton, A. (2016). Perceived social support in the lives of gay, bisexual and queer Hispanic college men. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 18(10), 1093-1106.
  • Rios, D., Hiett, B., & Rainey, E. (January, 2017). Holistic approaches to serving “at promise” Hispanic high school students. Invited paper presented at the Conference on English Language Learners, University of Houston-Clear Lake.