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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Academic Advising connects faculty with current, prospective, and former students in the College of Science and Engineering. The Academic Advisors and staff strive to ease students' transition into upper-level coursework. We help you reach your educational goals. This office gives you the information you need to help you choose a degree program. Then we guide you through the details of the specific plan you've chosen. We answer your questions and solve problems related to university policies or procedures. Academic Advisors make sure that students meet the requirements for graduation.

  How do I know that I have been accepted into my major?

You will receive a notification letter signed by the College of Science and Engineering Associate Dean. This letter will list the semester, major, conditions if any have been identified during the review of your admission documents, and advisor information.

  How should I register for my first semester classes?
  You should refer to the requirements for your program and register first for any foundation courses that need to be completed, then your UHCL program core courses for which you have already completed the foundation(s). Seek assistance with an Academic Advisor or your Faculty Advisor if one has been identified in your acceptance letter.
  What do I do once I've registered for my first semester courses?

Undergraduate students who have received their College of Science and Engineering program acceptance letter should make an appointment to meet with an College of Science and Engineering academic advisor to review their Degree Progress Report and draft their Candidate Plan of Study. This will verify all transfer course work and all UHCL course work required for the degree. A faculty advisor will be assigned and the follow-up meeting with the faculty advisor will assure that the degree plan is accurate and that academic, research and career goals will be defined.

Graduate students who have received their College of Science and Engineering program acceptance letter will be contacted via campus e-mail approximately 8-10 weeks after the start of their first semester. This e-mail will be their notification that it is time to meet with their assigned faculty advisor to draft their CPS. This will be the time to discuss academic, research and career goals with the faculty advisor.

  How do I register for a controlled class?

Certain graduate and undergraduate courses require you to obtain special permission to register. These are known as controlled courses; you cannot register for them online through your E-services account. You must complete the Controlled Class Form and submit it to the Associate Dean. If you are a Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Systems Engineering major, you may submit the form to the Delta Building, Room 161.

If approved, you will be enrolled into the course. After you have submitted the form and waited a reasonable time for processing, check your E-services account to confirm that you have been enrolled in the course; then you must submit payment by the fee payment deadline. 

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