Health Professions Advisory Committee

The biology and  Chemistry faculty members who serve on the Health Professions Advisory  Committee (HPAC) dedicate themselves to helping students pursue careers in  health care. They discuss academic interests and career options with chemistry  and biology students who are working toward their undergraduate or graduate  degrees, HPAC members offer valuable insights to help you reach your academic  and professional goals.

If you haven't yet scheduled a meeting with your HPAC advisor, please do so as  soon as possible. If you are considering applying to a postgraduate health  professions program, you need to start the application process now. Chances  are if you haven't already begun the application process, you are behind  schedule! 

The HPAC members are: 

The application process may vary, depending on your area of interest and on the  particular school to which you apply. In general, take the following steps to  prepare your application.  

  1. Decide which school you  are interested in. Visit their campus or research their program via their  website. Find out what courses they require of their applicants, and any other  unique application requirements. In general, students applying to medical or  dental school find that many medical schools require the following courses:
    * Chemistry: Two years,  both General Chemistry and Organic  Chemistry with laboratory
    * General Physics: One  year with laboratory
    * Calculus: One-half year  (requirement varies)
    * Biology: Two years, one  with laboratory
  2. Pay attention to the  application deadlines for the schools or application services where you submit  your application. For medical and dental school applicants, you should prepare  and submit your application as early as possible (from May through August) the  year before you plan to begin medical or dental school. Many schools in Texas  begin interviewing in early to mid-August for entrance the following fall. If you  wait until August or later to submit your application, you lower your chances  of interviewing for entrance the following fall.
  3. In consultation with  your faculty advisor, decide what courses you need to take to prepare you for  the aptitude exam (MCAT, DAT, etc.) relevant to your medical area of interest.
  4. Get to know your  professors, especially those on the committee. Let them know your plans. These  are the faculty members who will be writing your recommendation letters.
  5. Many medical schools  also prize an applicant's extracurricular activities, such as:
    * Experience in a medical  setting (volunteering at a hospital, shadowing a physician on
        rounds, working  in a physician's office, etc.). Some schools require such experience.
    * Participation in a  scientific research project.
    * Involvement in a  community organization (serving as an officer, participating in the 
        organization's activities, etc.). Doing community service (coaching a youth  soccer team,
        visiting the sick, involvement in a charity.
Letters of Recommendation

When requesting letters  of recommendation from the HPAC Committee, you should provide: 

  1. All required forms to be  submitted with the letter.
  2. A list of addresses for  the letter's recipients.
  3. A brief resume  summarizing your accomplishments, honors, and community service.
  4. A statement of purpose  explaining why you want to pursue a career in health care.
  5. A photo of yourself (a  clear photocopy of your driver's license photo will suffice).
Application Timeline for Medical, Dental, and Veterinary School

Please check the TMDSAS web page to confirm the accuracy of these  dates. 

  1. August 1: Submit the  application for either the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School  of Medicine or UNTHSC Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Decision  Program. The deadline for certification page, fees, and photos is August 10th.  Submit all required official transcripts and letters of recommendation to  TMDSAS by August 15th (this date is for the EDP program ONLY).
  2. October 1: Submit  Veterinary Medicine School application. Submit certification page and fees by  October 10.
  3. November 1: Submit  Medical School applications. Submit certification page, fees and photos by  November 10.
  4. November 1: Submit  Dental School applications. Submit certification page, fees and photos by  November 10.
  5. November 1: Submit  supporting documents: transcripts, letters of evaluation, and test scores.  (TMDSAS does not wait to receive all supporting documents to process the  application. The schools will begin reviewing the application with what  documentation TMDSAS has to offer at that point, but it is ultimately the  applicant's responsibility to get ALL supporting documents to TMDSAS on  time. Note: Some schools will not extend an interview offer  until TMDSAS has received the letters of evaluation.)
  6. Mid-January: Medical  school applicants must submit via e-mail the final ranking of schools at which  they interviewed.
Important Dates
  1. August 1 through  December 31: Most interviews for the Medical and Dental schools occur in this  time frame.      
  2. October 1: Date by which Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of  Medicine and UNTHSC-Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Decision  Program notifies applicants of admission action.
  3. December 1: Dental  Schools begin extending offers of acceptance.
  4. February 1: Medical  Schools mail initial acceptance letters (rolling admissions continue through  date of matriculation).
  5. Matriculation dates  vary; contact schools for precise information. 

Note: These dates and deadlines may vary for private and  out-of-state schools. Check with the schools you are interested in applying to  for specific dates, deadlines, and requirements. Students seeking application  to the Baylor College of Medicine and out-of-state medical schools may apply  through the American Medical College Application Service (see web link below). 

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