Chemistry Job Openings

   Employment Survey for Chemists

Although the survey results for the employment rate of chemists from different organizations may vary somehow, the general trends indicate that the overall unemployment rate for chemists are very low, in comparison to students who have graduated from many other disciplines. The following are the survey results on the employment rate for chemists from the American Chemical Society (ACS) and governmental agency in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Latest salary survey from ACS for chemists indicate that the median salary is from 32.5K to 49.3K, for which women are higher than men’s salary for professional services. To download a PDF of starting salaries article with tables, visit (C&EN, June 4, 2012, pages 36–38).
It is interesting that the British's first female primer minister and the first cosmonaut have one thing in common – both studied chemistry at university, proving that it doesn't have to be all white coats and test tubes. The following are the survey for the chemistry students in the United Kingdom.