Jingjing Ma

Jingjing Ma, Ph.D.

Department Chair of Mathematics and Statistics and Professor of Mathematics,
College of Science and Engineering

Contact number: 281-283-3727
Email: ma@uhcl.edu
Office: B3521-8

Office hours:
Tuesday & Thursday



  • Lecture Notes On Algebraic Structure of Lattice-Ordered Rings, World Scientific Publishing 2014. (http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/9009) Correction and Addition

Journal Articles:

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Courses (Current Academic Year)

MATH 3300: Introduction to Modern Algebra and Number Theory, MW 5:30-6:50pm, B1135.
Book: Discrete Mathematics with Applications, by S. Epp, fourth edition.

MATH 4322: Introduction to Abstract Algebra, TTh 4:00-5:20pm, B1104.
Book: Modern Algebra: An Introduction, by J. Durbin, sixth edition.

MATH 5133: Complex Analysis, MW 7:00-8:20pm, B3315.
Book: Complex Variables and Applications, by J. Brown and R. Churchill, eighth edition.

Research Projects

My research interest is Lattice-ordered Rings and Algebras.
G. Birkhoff and R.S. Pierce first established the general theory for lattice-ordered rings 50 years ago. But there is no good structure theory available for general lattice-ordered rings mainly because the condition connecting multiplication and lattice operations is too weak. Currently I am working on a class of lattice-ordered rings and algebras that contains some important examples in lattice-ordered rings such as lattice-ordered polynomial rings, lattice-ordered matrix and triangular matrix algebras, lattice-ordered group and twisted group algebras, all with standard lattice orders. Those examples are faraway from being f -rings. A general good structure theory is expected to obtain for this class of lattice-ordered rings and algebras. If you are interested in doing research in this direction or other problems in general lattice-ordered rings, please contact me.